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when i smile my eyes close 

Greece | Greek | Short | Romance / Comedy | 2020 | 17'

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A teenage girl believes she never dreams, or otherwise doesn’t remember any of her dreams; apparently, they are too dull to be worth keeping. But in the course of a single day at home, time will pass like a dream. And when she opens her eyes, she will find that her waking life, outside the world of her empty dream state, is a much lovelier place to be in.



Sandra Abulganam, Natalia Swift


the director

Daniel Bolda is a film director from Greece, born in Berlin. He studied film in Denmark and worked as an assistant director for feature films. For the past 3 years he has been directing commercials and in 2017 he directed his first short film, "Muffin".    



  • Athens International Film Festival (September 2020) - Won Special Mention for cast

  • Drama International Film Festival (September 2020) - Nominated 



Flix (Leda Galanou)



Cinematographer: Simos Sarketzis GSC

Sets: Olga Leontiadou

Costumes: Dimitris Papathomas

Focus Puller: Costas Bambis

Makeup: Ioanna Lygizou

Production Assistant: Stefanos Doulos

Sound: Nikos Exarchos

Boom Operator: Nikos Drakos

Music: The Boy

Editor: Nikos Pastras

Sound Designer: Milk Audio

Film Development 35mm: Anmar

Color Grading: Nikos Koronidis

Casting: Sophia Dimopoulou

Writer - Director - Producer: Daniel Bolda

Co-Producer: Nicholas Alavanos

Production Companies: Edelweiss, Filmiki (co-producer)

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