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our lead guitarist 

a film by Konstantinos Antonopoulos

Greece / USA | Short | Drama, Romance | 2012 | 10'11"


Late afternoon music rehearsals. An obsession growing out of proportions. Love and confusion in minor chords.



Joanna Parson, Jesse Turits


the director

Konstantinos Antonopoulos is a filmmaker based in Athens, Greece. His latest short Postcards From The End Of The World (2019) is currently travelling in festivals and winning awards such as Best Comedy at Aspen Shortsfest, Jury Prize at Regard ISFF, Audience Award at Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur. He received his MFA in filmmaking from Columbia University in New York, on an Onassis Foundation scholarship. While studying in the U.S. he directed several shorts, amongst which the award-winning Without Glasses (2009) and Lea (2013). Back in Athens he co-wrote the feature film Symptom (Torino Film Festival 2015), edited the feature film My First Kiss And The People Involved (L.A. FIlm Festival 2016), and directed a number of documentary series for the TV and the web. He’s a Berlinale Talents, Torino Film Lab and Less Is More alumni. In 2019 he received the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Artist Fellowship Award. He teaches filmmaking at the Onassis Cultural Center. He believes in patience.



Writers: Konstantinos Antonopoulos, Luigi Campi
Producers: Andy Nguyen, Ko-Rely Pi
Cast: Joanna Parson, Jesse Turits
Cinematographer: Giacomo Belletti
Editor: Chelvendra Sathieaanandha
Executive Producer: Fani Skartouli
Original Music & Coordination: Mawuena Kodjovi
“Late Pass Warning” song written by: Jesse Turits
Sound: Gerry Kim, Durier Ryan

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